Monday, August 1, 2011

dear ashley.

I understand that you may think you have had the most amazing love story in history to this day. Yes the men are lovely and the dresses are fun. Who wouldn't love to be swept away to such beautiful cities where love comes easy and you can be a little carefree? I wish I could understand your emotions and your dramatic moments, and I am sure there is reasoning behind it all. I am happy for you and JP, I really am. Love is a wonderful gift. But I have some news for you chica... My love story beats yours, fair and square! This is not an arguable statement. It is simply fact. You may be happy for the rest of your life, but I, my dear, will be happy for eternity with the love of my life! I wish you and yours a wonderful life, as for me, I will continue to live my perfect fairytale now and forever.
Sincerely a Bachelorette viewer,

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