Monday, August 1, 2011

color: Sonic Boom

Happy August everyone! Did you ever think we would make it to August?! My oh my has this year just been racing along, but when you have a cute not-so-little missionary out serving the Lord, time could go as fast as you'd like, right ladies? I realize that last month I may have gone a bit crazy on the blog. I will assure you that this blogging madness will continue to press forward. So for my dedicated followers, I apologize for overloading your home page with my rapid posting.

It has now come of time to make my monthly goal. I do recognize that I have never had a monthly goal, but there is always time for a first. I seem to get bothered by things quite easily and this is a problem I have come across over the past few weeks and know that I need to personally take care of this matter. I am, as the scriptures would put it, quick to anger. This is deeply unacceptable considering the fact that this is normally not in my nature. So be excited to see me be the chipperest (possibly not a word) I have ever been in my life!

Another interesting fact about my wonderfully, fabulous life. I may have a new addiction. Three actually. They may or may not be healthy addictions but we will see as time pans out. One: Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Nail Color. Color: Sonic Boom. What a wonderful purchase and choice I made. My nails are obviously happy! Two: Lip Stick of all sorts of colors. When Cam was here he forbade me of using such wonderful thing but now, bring on the colors. Three: Rings. Big and Sparkly are of my highest desire. The ring collection at forever 21 is enough to get my bottom off the couch, in the car, spend some gas and spend hours sitting on the floor trying on each ring, putting together groups of 4-5 to wear all at the same time. It is such a magical moment for me, finding these beautiful and unique creations for only a few dollars. I thoroughly realize that each of these cost money that I should be saving for my future and bigger purchases so therefore I have decided to collect change and when I have enough changed saved up... I will splurge.

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