Wednesday, August 24, 2011

at least i tried.

sooooo... the waffle cookie thing (or waffookie as me and tazz name them) didn't work. It just turned into a big, ugly, brown something. Oh well. I still made cookies and they were really good! Not exactly on the diet plan but did fit in my calorie allowance I think so that is good! But to be honest, I don't miss the cookies and bad foods. I actually would rather not have them. This is definitely a good sign.

I am sore. Finally. My obliques hurt the most but im going to be in all sorts of pain by morning. I love that feeling though. Knowing you actually did something in your work out. I am going to have to work out hard tomorrow because of the cookies I ate!

I miss Cam lots. I really just want to hold him in my arms and know that he is safe with me and that I am safe with him. More than anything I want him to whisper in my ear, "I love you" and kiss me on the cheek so gently, just like he used to do. I miss that. I miss him warm smile and his soft, beautiful eyes. He really completes me one hundred percent. I love him more than anyone could possibly comprehend. He is truly amazing!

It is 9:36 and I am calling it bed time. I want to get in a really long workout tomorrow so I am going to sleep now so I can wake up a bit earlier and do all I need to! Wish me luck and sweet dreams about Cam.

Goodnight everyone!

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