Thursday, August 25, 2011

mental issues?

So you may have noticed that everytime you visit my blog it looks different. It changes quite often. I may have a slight dose of ADD. I get bored of things really easily so I need change often. You can always tell how I am feeling by the look of my blog as well. Can you tell what it is now? I will give you a hint on this one... Im very much happy and awake haha if that makes any sense. But I am loving the colors and it makes me happy.

Another thing that makes me happy... being able to put on lip gloss again. Lets back up a bit... When Cam was here he did not like when I would wear lip gloss or lip stick, I was basically forbidden from it. As he has been gone I have brought back all the lip covers and fallen in love with them! This past week I have had major fever blisters from Lake powel and haven't been able to wear even the lightest lip gloss and it has not been my favorite. Today was the day though! Yay for Magenta Mint Lip Tint! oh how the day goes by so much better with some glossy luscious lips.

Also today is going by much faster than the others which is heaven sent. Bagel Thursday is always a wonderful day and being in comfy clothes at work is enough to make you love being here. Especially on dead days like today. I love my job anyways.

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