Saturday, July 30, 2011

questionnaire from texas

1. What is your biggest dream? My biggest dream is to have a celestial family and to live with them forever and see them grow and to just have the best life and funnest life with my wife and 4 kids!!! :)

2. Who is your hero? I would have to say that my hero would be Joseph Smith. I'm not being churchy about it but that man gave his life for something that mattered most: his Lord, faith and family!!! And he is a great example for everyone and he's one of the greatest heros in the world!!!

3. Name one person who has changed your life forever and why. The person who has changed my life the most would definitely be Sky!!! Why is because she showed me and shows me today that you never know really how good you have it until it leaves you. Me and Sky have been through so much and I lost her for a long time and luckily she accepted me back and I'm so grateful that she showed me how to love something and to never let it go and to just keep a smile and do the best you can and God still loves you!!! :)

4. What is the best experience from your mission so far? My best experience so far on the mission has been seeing the gospel changing the lives of others and also I would have to say my first Book of Mormon I gave out to an older woman and cried bearing testimony of the truthfulness of it and the testimony that Sky had written in it and it was so powerful!!! :)

5. What is love to you? Love to me is when you find someone you can be yourself around and for me the most important. Someone that you think about the whole time and never of yourself and it is the most powerful power God has given us and to share true love we are sealed to that person. Always give your all for them!!! :)

6. What are your feelings towards the one you love most? Wow what is my feelings towards Sky!! Where do I start, I love her with all that I can and will never give up on her. And looking into her beautiful soft eyes and see how beautiful her soul is and I know when I stare into those I have to greatest sense of Joy in my heart. She is such and example by being a friend to everyone and just loving people unconditionally. She is the one person who I want to spend eternity with!!! She is my best friend and is such a choice daughter of God!!! :)

7. What is your secret love? My secret love would be Sky's smile!!!

8. Make any kind of statement here. I love my Sky and she is the best. I love my mission and am so focused on bringing back our Heavenly Father's children to the gospel. I know that this church is true and that the Book of Mormon is really a true book and was written for us!!! A mission is the most amazing experience of my life!!!! :)

Note: I am speachless. One word: LOVE