Friday, July 29, 2011

what a strange thing we have going

Distance is a weird and unexplained factor to my situation and feelings. It makes me question whether I can say that I am not sad anymore, and actually mean it. Or has the sadness just turned into moments of lonely. I am happy. I am happy with where I am and where he is. Our love has never, I repeat, never been stronger than it is right now, but I still find myself caught in the moment. A second of loneliness and wanting him so bad by my side or to just hear his voice speaking back to me in a normal conversation. I continue to drift off into day dreams of the future, our lives together and never separated again, only to wake to time slowly ticking by. Yet even that statement is far from correct. The days fly by and weekends come without warning. Time is racing, but feelings race faster, much faster. Although these are far from the feelings I would like to be experiencing right now, time is not lost. My heart races at the sight of a new email, I prance to and from the mailbox, I am giddy while telling him everything, because I can. Mind over matter. What matters most is our love. A love so strong there is only one word to describe what me and him have. "Eternal." If I could give but a simple plea of advice to you and yours truly. love, happiness, care.

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