Saturday, May 7, 2011

phone calls.

Yesterday was so great :)
1. ran
2. gardening
3. jeep
4. baseball
5. talking to freaking Cameron and hearing his voice! It was amazing! He only got to call for about 4 minutes to set up when he is going to call on Sunday but oh my gosh it was amazing to hear him again! He has an accent and sounds like Nacho Libre, it's really funny! But he sounds amazing! And in all honesty I was so excited to hear his voice and listen to him, but at the same time was nervous that hearing him wouldn't have a huge effect on me, I guess love wise.... boy was I wrong!!!!! I was giddy the entire night after listening to him! I am in love! That is all there is to it! I can't wait to talk to him on Sunday one on one and just have a normal conversation with  him! He should be getting my SD card today so then we will have so much to talk about, well we already do but even more! He's so great :)
6. work. yeah i had to go into work for 2.5 hours, but its okay, I had energy anyways! haha :)

I am excited for today! Baseball games all day, hopefully my letter, no work, lots of sun, chillin with the family, making fruit pizza with daddy! Yeah today will be great :) better whip my sunscreen out! Im going to need it! :)

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Jamie said...

Fruit Pizza?? Haven't you made that like EVERY week?