Saturday, May 7, 2011

good night.

Today was so great! (pretty sure this is exactly how I started my last post.)
Baseball games and being out in the sun all day was so nice!
My brother did amazing! They killed Lone Peak both games of a double header. Not to mention he also killed his bat. Yes, the bat has died. He hit a foul and before we knew it, the handle was completely broke in half! I ran to Parks and got a new one for him for the next game! They even said they had never seen anything like that before! So weird, yet funny for sure!
Went to Los Hermanos with the parentals. Just love them to pieces! Caught up with some great friends too while we were there! So great to see them all again! :)
Shopping at Walmart with daddy :) Just getting things to make our fruit pizzas tonight and we of course got flowers for mommy :)
Then home to cook and cook!
Oh and you can't forget all the crime shows! I swear my mom is addicted haha
Then the completion of mommy's flower arrangement and the fruit pizzas :)
Now Im sleepy!
Plus tomorrow is a huge day! Mother's Day of course and I get to talk to my Cam :)

He is such a sweetheart! His letter today was so great as usual and then he sent my mommy a cute mothers day card and said the cutest things :) I really got myself a good catch there! :)

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