Tuesday, May 10, 2011

nacho libre.

This weekend was so amazing!

Mothers Day was excellent!! I always love going to church with my family and being back in the home ward! They are all just such sweet people!!! Then we had our little desert get together after our meetings for Mother's Day!! There were so many freaking good things!! Oh my gosh! Then home to my bed where I tool a freaking 2.5 hour nap!! I was tired I guess! Then watching a rugby movie with my family and then we were off to Misty's house for dinner!! I love my family all to death! They are so amazing!! And we always have the best food ever!!! :) I ate dinner and grabbed myself a bite of desert before heading over to Cam's house to wait for him to call!!

Talking to him was honestly unreal! I still cannot believe that I got to talk to him!! He talked to us about the members and how his Mother's Day was going and all that he has done. He went to a really good BBQ that night and said it was amazing! He talked about the Hoyos family and how much he loves them!! He loves his mission so much!! I am so proud of him! You could tell he was beyond happy!! I made sure to tell him that he sounded like Nacho Libre haha! He has an accent and I freaking love it!! It's hilarious! He wasn't weird at all, he was still my same Cam, and I knew he would be!! Just a more mature Cameron! It was just amazing to listen to him and actually have a real conversation with him!! We decided at the end to take about 2 minutes each to just talk to him alone! Jimmy went first which was the first mistake! Jimmy came back bawling and as I answered, I had to calm my sweetheart down. He was quite the mess! But that's what I am for, his support and his Sky who will bring him up and make him happy :) I asked him how he was and he asked me. I told him that the family was doing so good and that they love him! He kept telling me how good it was to hear my voice and be able to talk to me. He told me to always be safe and happy. He thanked me for being an example for him and supporting him on his mission. Then the words came... "I love you, so much!" The biggest smile took over my face! :D Words cannot describe the love I felt for him at that moment. He promised me he would write a long letter for me and I promised I would too. He said "I love you" one more time and then I gave the phone to his dad! It wasn't long, but long enough to just be personal with him and let him know how proud I am of him!! What an amazing man he is growing up to be! His dad did just as good as me, no crying. And then, well it was Noelle's turn and everything just kinda fell apart haha but its okay! She is allowed to cry and so is Cam! I was just so happy beyond belief that I couldn't even think about crying!! He had to get going but bore his testimony in Spanish before he left. It was amazing!! He could barely make it through he was having such a hard time catching his breath from crying! But it was absolutely beautiful! What an amazing experience for him, me and the family!! I  am so proud of him and everything he is doing right now!! He is growing so much and I am too!

After the phone call I sat and talked to his family for a while, calmed his mom down haha. We talked about me and Cam's future and just all the wonderful blessings that are being given out right now from our Heavenly Father! What an amazing night to a wonderful day!

Yesterday I loved reading Cam's email! He is such a sweet spirit! And the connection between me and him is undeniable!! It is unlike anything I have ever known! I am just so grateful for the role he plays in my life! :) His mom got pictures from him for mothers day that I absolutely love!! He is still my same silly Cam :)

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