Friday, May 6, 2011

a fact.

im in love. there's nothing else to it. story...

i laid down to take a small nap before going to lay out and then get ready for work when my phone rang. Now the ringtone of my phone says it all: Radio by Allred. Therefore I knew it was Noelle, and I know it is not smart to miss her calls so I immediately picked it up and answered. With her first sentence I knew it was about Cam, "Sky, what are you doing right now?" It's weird I know that but whatever, anyways. The next few sentences were a shock. Summarized: CAM IS CALLING TONIGHT! I guess his plans had changed which turned into a text from Sister Hoyos to Noelle saying that he is calling tonight and make sure the whole family is there, seeing to it as I am family. So of course I have work tonight. My luck. Thank goodness I have the best boss in the world who let me get the night off! I made sure to announce her awesomeness on FB. Moral of the story: No matter how long we get to talk to him tonight, I get to hear my sweetheart's voice tonight and I am most definitely in love. The End.

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