Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Kind of an unfortunate night, not going to lie.
Not only did I endulge myself to a butt load of treats... but I didn't eat dinner either.
Work was quite nice with Heather.
Love her :)
Missed Cam like crazy and didn't stay as focused as I needed to.
Then the main unfortunate event...
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Yes, this is my passenger window of my daddy's car.
I walked out to my car after work and this is what I saw.
Nothing else was damaged and I had nothing in the car, even if they were trying to steal things, you could clearly see my car was empty.
Heather called the police while I had Morgan go pick up Kiley from school,
yet another unfortunate thing.
My parents were so sweet and calm about the whole thing.
The police officer was awesome as well!
He called my parents and said that there was surveillance on and that he would take a look and notify them by saturday.
I got home and my daddy had already warmed up the jeep and filled it up with gas.
I love my family so much!
And I am just so proud of my FHE family for all taking my challenge to watch, listen, or read one general conference talk everyday this week! :)
The Lord loves us and makes everything work out!
I am truly blessed.
Even an unfortunate day can be turned around by the love of our Savior!
In hopes for a better day tomorrow,
-Sky :)

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