Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Me and Kiley have to write papers... therefore we are eating cookies, drinking hot chocolate, looking up gym memberships and facebook stalking. We are awesome. Oh and watching for thus dear mailman. quote, We are pathetic, end quote of Kiley. The cookies she gave me are making my tummy not too happy with me. We were doing so good... then Josh left and all meltdowns were losed. So we turned to chocolate. And now we are feeling the guilt of our sins and must repent of our evil doings.

I am just now realizing of the true pointlessness of my writing class today. Only the first 15 minutes were significantly relevant. The rest of the time I simply stared at my professor with a thick glaze, pretending to be interested. I was really thinking about if I was to invite him to my wedding or not, seeing that he does in fact know the Clarks. Would that be strange? I was contemplating this while he started at me as he was teaching, thinking I was actually intrigued by his lecture. Im kinda awful. But its okay.

I guess I need to get skype. Because then me and kiley can therefore, "skype." I have never skyped before and I am very excited. On sundays we will join worlds by sitting on our trampolines and skyping, like skypers do.

Kiley just related the fusion of stars to relationships in a very dramatic way. Now she is officially crazy. "I better not be a massive star" -Kiley. haha this conversation is getting good... that she is kind of having with herself. I am enjoying my free form of entertainment.

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