Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I want to blog. But I feel like I have nothing to blog about as of now. So maybe I will just blog about my day I have planned, which isn't exciting by any means. It's going to be quite the day.

 I am going to take a shower, because I need one. I am going to work on my paper, because I have to. I am going to work on my presentation, because it is tomorrow. I am going to be fast, because I want to go tanning. I am going tanning, because it would bring sunshine to my soul and a nice tan on my skin. I am going to work from 2-10 instead of 6-10 because I need the hours and I don't want to work on Sunday. I am going to have Red Robin for dinner, because their crispy chicken salad is the best. I am going to be positive at work, because I can.

Yeah I think that's about it! Have a wonderful day! May the Lord's Spirit be with you! :)


Beka said...

where do you work sky? hope you have a fun day!

Luke said...

Good luck on your paper! I've been working on mine for a few hours, I'm almost half way done... :)

Suzette Rovelsky said...

Gosh, you're like me. I love to plan out my days to the T. But, it really makes everything run more smoothly. BTW, I also love how you threw in that blurb about being happy at work "because you can." :) It makes such a difference.