Thursday, April 7, 2011


Me and Noelle's (Cameron's Mommy) conversation over text messaging is worth blogging. I laughed bits. :)

Noelle: 31 days and counting until we can talk with big camo!!

Me: Yay!! Guess what?! Today he has been out 150 days!

Noelle: Shut up!!!!! Ya and as a matter of fact sooner remember cuz he is calling a couple days sooner to schedule when he will call on mothers day!!!! :) Oh I am getting happy!!

Me: Oh yea!!! Me too!! Mom!! 150 is half of 300 which is close to 365 which means technically it's almost been a year haha kinda

Noelle: So funny how you mathematically figure his time!! You crack me up!!! Love ya girl!!! Going to be quite the day when you finally see him again!!! Just sayin....

Me: Hahaha I'm a numbers person :) oh gosh like I was thinking about it the other day and that day is going to be crazy!! :) I seriously don't know what I am going to do!! haha probably just spaz out!

Noelle: or cry!!

 Me: Haha oh I definitely know I will be doing that! haha

Noelle: Ya me too!! Problem is I am loosing him I know again as soon as he is back!! Therefore I will be installing a deadbolt on all the doors going out of the house!! You may come in but I'm not letting you/him out!!! Again just sayin... haha

Me: No you will have him till April.... hahahahahaha :) You have to let us go to school... and the temple... and our honeymoon... hahaha

Noelle: Haha right!! I am pretty sure he will be attached to someone at all times!!! :) Well....... we will see!

Me: Haha I feaking love you!! and yes we may be attached to the hip... :) but you can still have him while i'm at work or something haha

Noelle: Oh and that's real big of you since that is only roughly 2-4 hours!! :) Hahaha hehehe hohoho!!!

Me: Hahaha but we will be at your house lots!

Noelle: You better!

End of conversation basically haha but I just love her and I love the fact that me and her talking about me and Cameron getting married is totally just chill and so great! :) I love that kid and I am so glad everyone see's it and is rooting for us- including my family!! :) What a wonderful life I live :)

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