Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Typing while on a strong dosage of sugar.

While listening to a wonderful mix of my newest favorites including hits from Bieber, Derulo,  Kingston, and Posner,  and enjoying the wonderful rain outside,
I am realizing the intensity of typing in right adjustment.
There is a very high sugar level running through my veins at this time as well.
Something I could have controlled but chose not to.
So now I will express my thoughts while high on the side effects of rootbeer floats,
Scott's homemade chocolate chip cookies,
and candy that Kye threw at me so violently.
And now I will proceed...
I have a confession.
I most definitely have caught the Bieber Fever.
One of my favorites has even made it's way onto me and Cam's playlist...
which takes true admiration.
Therefore, "U smile" is on the playlist now and I will soon be purchasing the MV (music Video).
I have finally accepted myself as I am and I love me 
My roommate is very over-dramatic and i pretend gag everytime she talks about her new boy.
I haven't thrown up yet surprisingly from so much gagging
I can hear people playing in the rain
giving me the certain urge to do the same.
Along with my overpowering urge to go hiking...
only when it is warmer though and the sun is making beads of sweat roll down my face.
I am joining clubstyle at BYU
I am thrilled to be hip hopping again... 
when I get my high tops back
there is a pair of high tops I am dire need of purchasing but I have no room in my budget.
Oh to not be independent again.
I will be dreaming about them until the day I can afford them
St. Patty's Day.
Green eggs and Ham with cereal and Green milk is going to be the best tomorrow morning
with the kyester hahahaha
Yes Kiley this is your new name.
Lately I have been wanting to write the word "eggs" this way:
Although I know this is not correct.
One day
i WILL be the next disney princess.
Only 86 more weeks till my night in shining armor comes home to me 
And thus my fairytale will continue
as it does daily in this town of provo
And if Kiley every puts my phone down the drain
I will be upset.
This is all for tonight.
Until green day tomorrow
I am having the time of my life
(Black Eyed Peas)
Dirty bit. 


Jamie said...

You are a writer for sure my dear. I love reading what you blog about...VERY entertaining!! Some day I hope to be priveleged enough to read a PUBLISHED book my my FAVORITE little sis Sky :) As for the sugar rush...I thought Mondays were your sugar dayz? Just saying...

Anyways, luv ya bunches! Keep writing!!!

.just sky. said...

They are...
Haha I just sometimes need some treats ya know??
Okay maybe I will start on a book of some sort. who knows haha
Love you too!!!!! :)
Don't worry!
Much blogging is yet to come!