Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I have been very much contemplating the idea of writing a book.
Not to be published or anything.
Just something to keep for personal purposes.
Sounds much like a journal but no.
So now I am in need of a topic.
I have contemplated these here:
a Cookbook.
a new princess fairytale.
a mormon fairytale.
a romance.
a comedy- although Im not considered actually funny.
a drama.
I would much like some suggestions.

One goal with this project of mine I have contemplated: Finishing a pretty good book that I am forced to take to get published and become more successful than my writing 105h teacher who every class talks about him and his wonderful books he is writing and how people just don't understand how good he really is. He seems to glory in his successes to us a lot (constantly). So to beat him would be pretty great.
But I encourage him to keep dreaming.
Side note: The doll and headless thing on the shelves are quite disturbing...
Just saying...

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