Monday, March 14, 2011

Opting to be a stalker.

So I have decided a few things...
1. Wearing no makeup is lovely.
2. I am old. 
3. Me and Kye really need to take a vacation somewhere fun, yet cheap.
4. I am considering ditching this town and becoming a stalker in Texas to a missionary named Elder Hunt.
5. Cam is just the best ever :)
6. My family is awesome (this was decided long time ago but is still true to make the list),
7. I am happiest when filled with a little somfing somfing sweet.
8. Email days make Monday a wonderful day no matter what.
9. I should probably be going to culinary school, but Im not.
10. My natural hair color is really not that bad.
11. Im pretty ready for school to be done and for a well needed break.
12. Connecting with old friends is fun (leading into #13)
13. Its funny when old friends try to flirt with you when they know you are taken. But its still fun anyways :)
14. I like being me :)

So I have a plan:
I am going to get all my home work and studying done for April by March 31 so that in April, me and Kye can just go hiking and go in the canyon and have fun times before she leaves to Texas! Yep Yep!! Good plan huh?? :) I love spring and summer!!

Wish my Cam was here though... Miss you sweetheart!! 


Stacey said...

I have to tell you one of my old dancers from Tooele, will be serving in the Houston Texas mission spanish speaking. Isn't that Cam's mission?? She won't be out for another 2 months because she just barely entered the MTC but... Though I would tell ya :)

Jamie said...

Who was flirting with you?? Thats hilarious! I guess its time to quit being so darn cute!...Wait, I just thought of something! Was it on Saturday when you were wearing that super HOT outfit?? If so..then no wonder!!! Time to burn the outfit! Luv ya :)

.just.sky. said...

hahaha you are so right Jamie!!! Gosh dang those clothes just like mom's!! hahahaha Its actually one of Cam's good friends too... haha

Oh and Stace his mission is actually McAllen so she will be further north than him but she will love it!! Cam loves Texas!! Tell her to get ready for the heat!! :)