Monday, March 7, 2011

Best :)

Best Dance ( 80's Dance Sophmore Year)
Best Neighbor :)
Best Hair hahahahaha
Best Night!!! Mama Mia!
Best twin :)

Best Youth Activity! :)
Best Wigs hahaha
Best Pageant! 
Best Mikey hahaha :)
Best GIT 5 :) Miss them!
Best Parents in the World!!!!
Best Prom with my sweetheart!!
Best Zoo Adventure!
Best Day at Lagoon!!
Best talk given! :)
Best Doggie ever!! Miss you buddie!! :(
Best Brother Ever!!!!
Best River Trip!!!
Best Jeeping Trip!!!!
Best fourth of July!
Best Mission Call day... haha I had to put in this picture somehow!!
Best Camping Trip with the Hunts!!
Best day being stuck!!
This one gets the best hug award!!!!
Best Birthday!!!
Best Valentines Day!!
Best Spiritual Day!!
Best anniversary!! :)
Best Missionary!! :)
Best Experience!!! I love this little guy!!
Best Sisters in the world!!!!!!!
Best Friend!! :):) haha We are funny :)
The Best Boyfriend you could ever ask for!!!
The best life ever!! :) :)

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