Friday, March 4, 2011


Happy Frigay!
You are probably in deep confusion to what this word means
this is simple:
Fried Egg Friday
every Friday for breakfast me and Kye make fried eggs with cereal and sometimes toast! :)
Last night while waiting for our delightful movie to buffer on netflix,
in a mumbling of my words,
"Frigay" was born :)
What a beautiful morning it is!
Isn't working out a 6 in the morning lovely?
(no sarcasm added)
Today is quite a busy day but I am sure I can fit in food network somewhere!
Tomorrow will be a wonderful day!
Sleep in while Kye goes to a meeting
Zumba with Kye and Jamie
Breakfast at my moms
Homework/Food Network
Life is wonderful!


Jamie said...

Wait wait WAIT!!! Did you mention you are coming to Zumba with me??? YAY...my weekend just got BETTER!!!

.just.sky. said...

haha yes I am coming to Zumba!!! :) :) I can't wait!! I have so much to tell you haha! Girls day next week?? okay :)