Monday, February 28, 2011


Kylie was telling me about all her flaws, which weren't even huge things and I didn't see them as flaws, but it made me think about my own flaws..
Living for the future instead of today
forgetting to brush my teeth some nights
saying things I don't mean out of anger
being over emotional and dramatic at times
accepting too much responsibility
neglecting responsibilities
not being able to focus on one thing at a time like starting a task before completing another
my unhealthy addiction to sugar, Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice
being slightly ornery after long naps
not being able to get the flavors right in muffins
neglecting laundry until I definitely have run out of clothes
spending quite a large quantity of time blogging about my life, food and flaws
not being able to stay awake during a movie (narcoleptic like my dad)
would rather sleep than watch disney movies with all the girls at 10 pm
am a little bit on the chunkier side
don't have the heart or strength to say no
trust everyone, even those who have hurt me many times before
not the best friend but I am trying
... oh and so many more!

I am not perfect. No one is! But through our Savior, Jesus Christ, we can be perfect just like him and all we can do right now is to just be the best we can be and always repent and the Lord will do the rest! :) All these things are what make me, ME! And I wouldn't rather be anyone else!  

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