Tuesday, March 22, 2011

by request.

Now understand that the things I am about to write come from my own personal experience and observation. Any additional comments are very much welcomed!

For Girls: How to treat your guy and what to expect from him.

First and foremost if you are not being treated like his most prized possession, RUN! 
A boy who doesn't treat you right doesn't deserve the treatment back.
You deserve more than that!
Okay now that you have decided to keep your man...
Remember this is a mutual relationship.
He may treat you like a princess and give you the world,
so therefore, treat him like your prince and reciprocate back!
Men do have feelings too and are very sensitive.
Make him your very best friend! If you even need to wait to "DTR" to be better friends, it will be worth it! You cannot build a relationship on nothing. You need that friendship to rely on. 
He should open every door for you.
"No girl should have to ever touch a door knob when a man is around" -Cameron Hunt
And when he does open the door for you, say thank you! It shows him that you recognize that he is being a gentleman and appreciates what you do for him.
Every girls has there drama moments. We can't help it. but don't involve your boy.
They get frightened a little by girl drama and tend to run the other way. 
Whether you feel like your guy can handle the drama in your life or not is how you should act. You can either tell him all that is on your mind if you think he will take it well or maybe keep it in the girl network. This is up to you.
One thing that is a must! Now read carefully! This could be the turning point in your relationship.
Keep all personal and private conversations, arguments and moments within your relationship. Going to outward sources for advice is not the best way to go. Things should be worked out between you and your man alone! I promise it makes all the difference!
Be happy!!
There is nothing your guy will love more than to have you happy and doing fun things with him!
There is only so much serious talk and mushy stuff he can take. 
Just have fun with your guy and do things you both love to do and that will be fun and adventurous!
Girls kinda have a hard time with this one:
If he tells you he loves you and treats you like a princess... he really means it!
Don't question him over and over, causing your relationship to take steps back, this wastes time. Time that you could be strengthening your relationship rather than questioning it!

Im not done no worries!! Just have to head to work but here are some things to ponder on while I am away! Until tonight enjoy :)

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