Monday, March 21, 2011

So happy to be outta that mess they call "High School"

Life is very dramatic for those still in grade school.
and also for those who act like they are still in grade school.
especially parents.
and occasionally teachers.
A special note to those included in these groups listed above:
High Schoolers: you can't help yourselves!
But to the rest: grow up :)
Maybe I should put this to music to soften the tone a bit.
Drama needs be gone and just live your life with a smile.

As of right now, this day.
My roommates and I are currently out of toilette paper
and no one has the money to get more.
we are the perfect definition of college student.
It makes me giggle little bits.

Sometimes I wonder if I have to hold a special seminar for girls in relationships.
I don't think they completely understand the word:
Or understand how to treat a boy right.
Yes I may seem like I am being very gender specific.
But ever since one of my own has gotten hurt
It is something that has been brought to my attention
So ladies listen up
Don't be dramatic, insincere, rude, and overbearing.
It's quite easy I promise!

I have this uncontrollable urge to go hiking.
I don't know why but I am so excited to go in the summer.
Cody already said he would go with me.
Yay for not being out of shape.

Alright you already saw it coming...
time to re-focus
yet again.
I have 3  weeks before schools out to get back to my good habits.
I can do it
no more giving up
I am going to be mountain woman this summer.
can I get a heck yes?
-dedicated to Tazz

Love you all
miss sky


beka said...

i would love a post about how to treat a guy right! as a girl who has never dated anyone seriously i'd love to hear your advice :)

.just sky. said...

You're so cute Beka I just love you!! Okay I have to write this paper but if I get it done fast then I will definitely work on a love post! One will come sooner or later though!! :)