Monday, January 17, 2011

First email from Texas! :)

Hey everyone!!!!!! :)) its so good to finally get to write you and email you i have a bunch of letters coming this week so be looking for them i think it takes about 4 days for mail to get from utah to here or vice versa!! but hey i got your letter and jacks and johns letters so far we haven't gone to get mail cause we just were playing basketball and than ultimate frisby than we went and ate a whataburger so ya that was great!!! Haven't really been up to much just teaching the gospel to people which is fun and hard at the same time some people just don't get it!!! i just got a couple of things but i don't really have a lot on my blue card and i had to get some things for the apartment to stuff i couldn't bring from the MTC like my pillow and than i have to buy food and that stuff to!!! by the way im going to be sending a SD card next monday so i am taking a lot of pictures hopefully you will all like it!!! Texas is good this whole week it has been cloudy and stormy and its been kinda depressing but than the sun finally came out yesterday and within hours it went from like 40 degrees up to 75 which is nice and its starting to get really really humid i think but oh well i just got to get used to it i guess!!! my companion elder gomez is great he is a really cool guy and works really hard which is great and we are doing great we get along and he is awesome so don't worry and all that good stuff!! first week went great it was completly different from what i thought and it was awesome but just a lot of familys and stuff like that if i have enough time i will tell a quick story at the end!!! I have email for about 35 minutes on pday and thats it but ya i am writing you guys also so don't worry there big letters to so i hope that will help as well!!! ya people can email i think but im for sure but tell them to go ahead and do it and ya Sky that means you!!!!! :) im still waiting for a letter out here, but i don't know if you have sent one or not ask my mom for my address i don't have it memorized yet but im pretty sure its 1714 lexington circ. #5 edinburg TX, 78539. so there it is ill be waiting for letters haha just kidding but if you have time please write me it really does help so much and all of that good stuff!!! Thats great that you finally quit ziplocal mom that is awesome i prayed for you to get that job!!! Ya were teaching and contacting all the time just trying to find as many people as we can so that is great!!! Also for mothers day i get 45 minutes to talk to you guys and it will be from our cell phone so than it won't hang up on us hahah!!! Sky i want you to be there to as well!!! ya ive been drinking water don't worry but the water down here taste so nasty so they have water dispensers everywhere down here but i said it could be worse so i just bucked it up and just drink it hahahah!!!! I don't know how my bike is yet because we have a car but our car has a lot of miles so we will bike this week so i will tell you how that goes in the next email so that will be really fun especially in this Texas rain hahah that is really fun!!! ya we have a pretty good area there are a bunch of ghetto parts but they all don't mess with the missionarys cause they think if they do anything they will go to hell but that isn't an excuse we are just really careful and mind our own businesds but ya any who hahah!!! Ya like i said i will be sending a SD card on this coming monday full of a bunch of stuff i hope you all will like it!!! yes mom i got my leathermen with me hahahah!!! no im good i don't need anyting right now thank you so much though!!!  Sky i just want to say thank you for everything and all that you do like you really help me so much along with my family everyday i look at my ring and think why should i return with honor?? and than i think of you and my family and how i should work hard to bring the children of god back to him and show them really why they are here on the earth!!! Im writing a bunch of you so watch for letters in the mail and that good stuff i got about 10 minutes left!!! but ya i need SD cards from ya'll cause its nice to see you and videos and everything are great i watch all the videos about every night before i go to bed!!! but ya that stuff is great!!! Sky how is things going on back at home?? Doing great i hope a couple more months and your done with BYU huh that will be good cause uvu is a great school just work hard and become great at what you want to become i know you can do it!!! i wrote you so be looking for a letter its better than just this email but ya hahah!!! Oh jacks and john thanks for the letters guys i will write you today and don't worry just write me when you can i know you have a lot of stuff with school and all of that but thanks for all the letters you guys are the best little cousins i could ask for!!!! Dad thanks for raising me to be a worthy priesthood holder and being the man i needed to be your a one of the biggest examples in my life and i can never repay you for that and cody keep working hard i promise you if you follow everything that god has to offer and follow the promptings of the spirit you will live the best life you can and will be so blessed!!! Mom what can i say about you there is to much to talk about thank you for never giving up on me and being so patient with me i know i haven't been the best son to you but i promise as i return home you will wish that i would have always been like i will i love you all so much for being my family!!! Sky thank you for being so supportive of me and helping me follow the example of the savior and to serve a mission and you being the best i can't explain in words the love i have for you and not only in a relationship wise but also so spiritual strong you are i could not have been any luckier to have someone like you!!! You are the best and will always be!!! I love you!!!! :) for everyone who also reads this im sure you know what i would say to ya'll just about everything i wish you all the best this week and to always remember to put the Lord first and know you will never go wrong when he is on your side!!!! I love you all and i have like 2 minutes but just a quick funny thing down here everyone thinks we have 10 wives and always asks us about them its so wierd!!! I will explain more in letters also i put a calender in my apartment its a justin beiber one oh ya its amazing by the way brooklyn and kaylie would go nuts hahahah!!!!!!!
I love you all so much i'll talk to you later write fast have a great week god bless you all,
Love your big boy Camo

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