Thursday, January 20, 2011


I am finding that when I dislike the look of my blog, I don't blog. Simple as that. It bothers me to the point I just would rather not look at it. But all is not lost. I have found a solution and hope I like it for quite a while, or I will find myself spending hours working on another creation to satisfy my desires of a beautiful blog.

This semester I feel extremely blessed with amazing professors and classes. I am extremely fond of my Writing 105 honors class. It's more than learning, it's creating pieces of art with words and I love it! Today was especially incredible because I have an opportunity to learn very intimate details about a sweet girl in my class. Her name is MaryKathryn and she is Elizabeth Smart's little sister. I was able to understand her as a person through her writings of her experience through those rough times in her life. She is, in fact, not JUST Elizabeth's little sister. She is a wonderful girl with her own opinions and feelings and just so sweet! It was amazing!! As for my own paper, I am very pleased with it so far and feel very confident about it!

I have yet to get a letter from my sweetheart, but I know one is on it's way and I just can't wait to hear from him! I can't believe it has already been almost 2 weeks since I spoke to him on the phone! I miss that man so much! Someday's are easier than others but it's true about what they say in the MTC, days feel like weeks, but weeks feel like days. It is quite different not hearing from him 2-3 times a week but he is on his mission and that is where his focus needs to be! I will be here when he gets back so he doesn't need to worry about that :) I can't wait to send him his Valentines package though!! :) I bought him some new basketball shorts for his Pday and I will be writing him a wonderful card :) He has been the best thing for me and I just can't wait for letters to start coming!!

So I am definitely ready to be at the beach or at least just in warm weather! I just want summer to come already! There is just something about the beach I can't get enough of! President Packer once said that he loved the beach because it was a place to escape all worries and cares and just enjoy nature and be yourself and I can fully agree!! Maybe a girls trip is in order!! :)

I feel like making cookies! I just love sweets and deserts and they are horrible for me but honestly I can't live without them!! I feel like I need them to get through my day and make me happy!! Well Im already happy, but more happy!!  :) I blame my dad. the end.

I really have to go to the temple tonight! I have been meaning to go and have said I was going to go like 4 times and haven't and I will probably get condemned if I don't go this time!! Plus I have to pick up my mom's watch she left last nigh!

Oh last night I spent it with Tazz and Mandy and that was a blast! I love those two! Me and Mandy are like the same I swear! She is Tazz's life savor for real! He needs her and she is such a blessing in his life! She is so sweet and we had a lot of fun!!! :) We watched LeapYear and I just love that movie! But I always end up at the end voicing my dislike of boyfriends and love stories haha. I really do love them! I just will love them more when Cam comes home :)


beka said...

i Love your quote of the day! and for the record, I always think your blog is so so cute!

.just sky. said...

haha thanks beka!! :) You are so sweet :)