Monday, January 17, 2011

ever ever after :)

Yesterday was a well day spent with my family considering the lack of sleep a attained the previous night. I was engulfed in working at the AE until 4:00 in the morning, therefore falling asleep at 4:30 am. Spring transfer looks beautiful though! Makes me want spring and summer to come just that much more! Only 7 more seasons! I think this will go by really fast now that he is in Edinburg, TX! Not to be confused with Edin-G-burg. No G. Back to my lovely sunday, I found myself at my home singles ward at 1:00 for Sacrament Meeting sitting by 3 very good friends. Don't you love feeling the spirit? It is a wonderful thing! Then off to my mom's couch for a little rest until being interrupted from sleep and being drawn in by a movie named "Push". Although me and Tazz were not able to finish before heading to Misty's for her amazing Chicken-something over rice dinner, it definitely was on record, waiting for us to come home and continue on the journey the characters were on. I always love Misty's cooking! But she better watch out because when I get married, my cooking will become the best! Little Jake is getting so big! So adorable! I will say, I don't think I will ever become as good as Scott at Chocolate Chip cookies, but that's okay! I like when he makes them :) All was fun at Misty's. Then back to our movie! Might I say, STUPID ENDING! Don't movies that just end frustrate you? They do me!! So after we watched "Leap Year" which I have never seen before and now absolutely love! I always imagine me and my significant other inside the move, although me and his movie is way more entertaining, and it makes me happy but also miss him at the same time! I find now that I always want to watch a love story type of movie and enjoy it but always am stomping off at the end saying how I hate boyfriends and love, only because my love story isn't put on hold but is continuing in a harder way. I think it is making us stronger though! No, I know it is!
This morning I woke up with Ever Ever After by Carrie Underwood stuck in my head. I am not sure of the meaning. Maybe I am still in the jealous stage from the movie last night and am thinking about how beautiful and amazing Carrie Underwood's wedding and honeymoon were, or it is a happy good thing and feeling because the song can make anyone happy and filled with that desire to either find the one or love deeper than ever. But even after all the singing in my head and thoughts about him, I still am waiting. Waiting for my first letter from my sweetheart from Texas, hoping for an email. I feel like all I am going to do today is check my email. Which is what I find myself doing everyday, and the mailbox. Today is a work day for me. Not only do I need to do homework but also I have 2 shifts at AE today! Mid and closing. It's okay though because I definitely need the hours!
I can most privilegedly say that I have a fairytale life! I am not saying my life is perfect but it is very close to. Not all fairytales are perfect either! But I am a princess in my own world and have found my perfect prince :)
Enjoy :)

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