Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Cam's 7th Email!!

Hey everyone yes today will always be my P day. Christmas was way good hear it was different but defenitly one to remember im sending home today a SD card that has all the pictures and videos of christmas which is good!!!! No the prophet didn't show up it was russel m nelson which was awesome!!!! and he is the coolest apostle like i think he is my favorite now!!!! My gifts were all amazing thank you all so much for that and im so thankful for all of that cody those nerf guns are a big hit!!!!! thanks bro!!!!! also we cleaned the temple today that was amazing we had so much fun they are redoing like the whole temple that is just so crazy!!!!!! Ya my CTR ring doesn't fit!!!!! but i will send it home today!!!!! do they have return with honor rings??? ya we all loved the ties so no worrys they say thank you for them!!!!!! Sky thank you for all the gifts to they were absolutley the best I love you!!! I love you to mom for all the stuff that you got me!!!!!! Ok i think you all have had enough prime rib!!!!!!! jeese that is a lot of beef we had a sack dinner!!!! Ive missed you all and was thinking about yall the whole day!!!!! but can you believe that i leave exactly 2 weeks from today!!!!!!! were trying to get all of our suits dry cleaned right now and i have to get a haircut next week before i leave so that i don't have to pay for one when i get out there!!!!!! Also we will get our flight plans this wednesday so be looking for a letter that has all the times and stuff when i will be calling and for how long ok so just be looking ahhhhhhh it is so crazy how fast time flys!!!!!! thank you so much for my bike that will be awesome!!!!! ya i cant wait to ride it and also ride in a van and a plane ahhhhh im going nuts its so close we all can just taste it than the real thing happens i'll acutally be in the field talking and officially preaching the gospel crazy huh!!!!!!! it was her sd card that i sent cause there were personal videos that she sent me!!!!!! spanish is coming along great today wehn i was doing service in the temple there were some hispanics so i was like hey why not practice spanish right and they said my accent is really good and that is key cause than the natives will understand you so we talked a little in spanish just for fun!!!!! Than we went and cleaned the girls lockers and there was this little old lady who was spanish and so me and elder albertson were next to her so i started talking to her in spanish she said she understood me perfectly but i hope don't know if she was just being nice and she doesn't speak english that much so it made me streach myself to were i had to communicate in spanish it was hard but humbling and im so excited to do this for the rest of my time i have just speaking spanish and having a good time with the hispanics you really learn to love them when you are speaking there language its cool!!!!!! thats cool you are going up to ski with everyone don't have to much fun that sounds so cool right now!!!!! me and my comps are doing great just getting ready and preparing to leave which is good!!!!!! sacrament is going good not to hard its really an awesome opurrtunity to have here in the MTC but ya its great!!!! i have no idea if there is anyhting exciteing going on for new years we will see but doubt it!!! but ya things are going just amazing here hahah!!!!!  i have all i need and everything i ever will need my family and sky!!!!!!! :) any way ya i love you all!!!!! Thanks for everything that you have done for me to help bring me to this point all of you im so grateful to have you all and what support i have i know you are always thinking about me and know im always thinking about you!!!!!!! i need to go i have a lot to do and in closing im just going to bear my testimony in spanish and you can have uncle bone or ian translate!!!!!!! yo gustaria compartir mi testimonio con ustedes ahora!!!!! yo se que Jesucristo es mi salvador yo se el vive con Dios ahora y es muy feliz con ustedes!!! yo se cristo morió en la cruz para nuestros pecados porque el nos ama!!!!! yo amo mi salvador y su expiación!!!! estoy muy agredicido por la oportunidad servir un misión para mi salvador!!!! yo se que josé smith fue un profeta de Dios y tambien vió Dios y Jesucristo en el sagrado grove no se en español yo amo ustedes mucho para siempre tienen un buen semena trabajan con diligencia en todas las cosas en el nombre de Jesucristo amen. thank you all so much!!!!! I love you all write soon!!!!!!!!!!
                                       Love, camo!!!!!!

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