Monday, November 29, 2010

Cam's third email!!! :)

So I have been waiting all day for this email and thought it didn't get sent to me but then I realized it got sent to my junk mail!! That is definitely not junk!! I love hearing from my sweetheart!! It makes my day!!! :) Here it is!!!!

Hey everyone!!!!!!! ya things are going super good right now i finally got over my cold it was way bad i lost my voice everything so but now im ok!!!!! doing good just sitting here doing laundry again believe it or not laundry day is my favorite cause all you do is just sit and relax so nothing to worry about!!!! Temple this morning was amazing and i loved everyminute of it!!! I prayed a lot for ya'll wow sorry if i say that a lot cause we don't get to say you guys or dudes or anything like that so its rather hey elder or ya'll hahaha any who!!! Ya me and my comps are good now they were in tears in comp inventory its like therapy for companions between just us everyone has to do every friday and they were saying how i like to be the center of attention and its not true all i do is talk to everyone and just being friendly they never socialize so they think that is being center of attention and than one of my comps elder klopf came out and said he didn't clear stuff up back home!!!! great so now we have to meet with the MTC presidency and he has to talk to them and possibly with get sent home so who knows were playing it by ear for now!!! Spanish is coming very slow and its good!!!! Ya mom thanksgiving was not good i was so stoked when i saw turkey sandwiches cause thats what all of us were talking about all day and they were so good!!!! Along with that heavenly piece of pecan pie!!! Its not the same when its hot and fresh but i was so grateful to have it!!! we did service to i sent a letter today that will explain it!!!! but other than that i missed everyone a lot thanksgiving because ive never been away from ya'll during this holiday season and let me tell you it was one of the hardest experiences ive had in the MTC but its ok i got over it!!!!! I just realize how much i miss and love you all!!!! Tell grandma and jack and Grandpa alex i loved there packages!!! If you could don't send so much junk food cause im trying to eat healthy and there is a lot of stuff i don't eat and just give away its good to send sweet stuff but not as much ahahaha!!!!! Ya mom like my pants are completely not fitting but they are getting loose!!! i had to tightin my belt one more noch so that my pants could actually stay up!!!! and they are still loose so its weird i hope its ok!!!! I made a goal to myself that i would lose 50 pounds by the time i get back home!!!! All i eat here is salads and wraps basically and thats it!!! no soda juice or anything water thats it hahaha!!! Its hard but discipline is all you need!!!! Sky sorry it seems like i haven't written you in awhile during this week during thanks giving they shut down everything the mail just barely started again on friday and i didn't have time to write a letter on saturday so i sent one today im so sorry don't be mad at me!!! Mom i also sent you a letter today for the fam!!!! Wow um oh hahaha its so cold in our dorms that we had to go to the front desk and tell them to turn up the heat!!! But im ok no worrys im like a heater i wake up sweating haha!!!! How are things going on at home?? i can't believe utah beat BYU hahahah!! everyone here was so bummed they were like that game was such crap and i was loving it just talking utah up all the way but i heard its cause that byu has no defense but oh well no worries a win is a win!!!! I miss you guys so much like i can't wait to talk on the phone with you in 5 weeks!!! Oh yeah!!!! So im so excited to talk to ya'll and sky goodness its going to be so nice to hear your beautiful voice dosh dane it!!!! ahahahaha So has cody just been killing everything in the freaking sky or what??? Thats awesome bro that you shot a mallard and are getting it stuffed hopefully it won't get ruined like the last one!!! I'll pray that it won't happen again hahaha!!!! Well about to start week 4 wow time is just flying!!!! Wednesday is freaking december awwwwwww!!!!!!! next wednesday i will be out for exactly 1 month can you believe that holy crap santa vaca!!!! (holy cow) im so excited that means only 1 year 11 months to go!!!! than when i call you it will be down to 1 year and 10 months!!!! Ya'll better be preparing now for me to come home cause time is just flying for us especially when your a missionary it seems like you do so much you don't have enough time in the day to breath so that is good!!!! So no worrys there!!! Im glad you finally got my SD card i sent that sucker on monday and i can't believe it finally got there!!!! getting mail here is fast but sending mail here is slow!!!! so it seems like awhile when i really write you after i get the letter!!!!! Thank you all for your thanksgiving letters they helped me so much and im grateful for all of your testimonys and how well you bore them all!!! I challenge you to get up this next week for fast sunday and to bear your testimony!!!! Christ has done so much for us the least we could do is bear our testimonys and express how much we love him!!!! I miss you all very much and i promise you will be getting letters soon!!!! I hope ya'll will write me soon cause it seems like i haven't talked to you in forever and its nice to hear from you well i gotta go but i love you so much and can't wait to get more pics of you and just see you again and hear your voices!!!!! I send all my love and know that i pray for you guys every pray with all my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yo amo ustedes mucho hasta luego mi familia!!!!!!
                                     Love your big boy, Camo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

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