Friday, October 8, 2010

rainy days :)

Wow so much has gone on the past few weeks its been so hard to find time to blog about it! But here i am and im going to do the best i can at remembering everything!!!

Well first thing i can remember is my Tazz getting hurt! He tore his Meniscus playing football and had to get surgery on it! He is doing so so good right now going through therapy and everything!!! It sucks he can't play but he is getting it strong for baseball!!! :) I love my brother!! :)

Oh!! On september 27 me and cam celebrated our 4 month anniversary!! It was such a fun night!! :) We went up into the canyon and took pictures and walked around and then came back to watch a movie, except i fell asleep but cam says he loves when i fall asleep in his arms :) So it was a good night!!

Cameron went  through the temple last Thursday!! :) September 30th! It was not only an amazing experience for him but for me too!! Even though i cried so much!! haha Then after the temple we read patriarchal blessings and it was so so amazing!! I love him and his worthiness and willingness to go through the temple and serve the lord! Im so proud of him!! :)

So on Tuesday we went and did baptisms for the dead in the Timpanogas Temple!! Oh my gosh! It was so so amazing!! Like i have no words!! They were super busy that night so cam kinda got taken away to witness and and confirm and baptize but his first time confirming and baptizing were me :)  He did soooo good!!! :) I really can't explain my feelings about being there with him! It was just absolute peace!! :)

Here are all the pictures!! :)

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