Thursday, September 16, 2010

things to think about.

I have't written words on this here story of mine for a great while! So i will give you an update!

School is great and busy! I now am taking 18 credits!! Yeah i know im crazy but i might as well get my money's worth right?? I have Book of Mormon, American Heritage, Family Finance, Environmental Biology, Physics, Physics lab, and Marriage prep!! :) I do like all my classes and professors though!!! So yeah school is great!!

Work. Hmmm its alright! Its kinda slow right now so i don't have that many hours but i still work at least 2 times a week so its not too bad!! Except for the fact that i just want to buy things all the time but i know that i cannot so i have been very very good!! :)

Me and Cam are doing just fantastic!! I love him so much! Today we set his temple date and time! September 30, 2010!! Im so proud of him! He actually moved the date so that my family could be there with him as well!! :) I don't think he knows the difference he is making in my families lives, especially mine and Clints! Really though!! What a sweetheart! I really am so so excited for him and can't wait till we can go to the temple and do baptisms!! :) He is going to be an outstanding missionary!!

Im on this diet with cam and his parents and its going pretty good actually!! :) I love feeling good that i am not eating junk food all the time!! and working out just makes my day go better!!! And i love low fat apples and caramel!! :)

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