Monday, February 11, 2013

these little things

seeing as it is the week of my favorite holiday, i feel the need to post something about love each day. today i want to tell you what love is to us::

love is squishing each other's faces and laughing at how terribly ugly they look.
love is sitting in the walmart parking lot just to talk and get to know each other even more. parking lots are wonderful places to hold question time and no matter how well you think you know them... you will always learn something new. about duck tape perhaps.
love is writing letters for ages until your hand falls off and checking the mailbox daily.
love is laying around the house all day because your loved one is sick and you'd rather miss work anyways.
love is bringing up things like the burning bush.
love is getting upset because you are stopped in the middle of a kiss. because no one appreciates that, even if it is at the commercial break.
love is having your arms flailed around during the grammys, just for fun because dancing is so much funner than cuddling sometimes.
love is cuddling up when you know it's most likely a suicide mission, always being prepared for shots fired.
love is having pretend UFC fights in the middle of anywhere, just because you can.
love is saying i love you 2.8 million times each day. quite frankly... i still don't think that's enough.
love is giving each other full body massages. one: because they are free and we're broke and two: who doesn't want one of those?
love is finishing off the other's dinner plate. and that's not just him finishing mine...
love is calling each other chancho and chancha. everyone has a chubby somewhere.
love is forgiving and being forgiven.
love is being attacked by white chocolate and cream cheese.
love is dealing with and laughing at her pms and his lack of food. both are brutal.
love is allowing the spanish music to be turned up real loud and riding like a cholo.
love is the tickling war after three strikes your out.
love is waking up at the butt crack of dawn to go to a spinning class that leaves you sweaty, stinky and sore.
love is being there and supporting each other, no matter what it is [sitting watching archery, or putting your two cents in on the blog]
love is being the happiest you have ever been and it just getting better every single day.

happy love week everyone and don't forget all the little things about love :)

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