Monday, February 11, 2013


so i was waiting to blog all about my totally uneventful-ish week when i had my camera charged enough to put up pictures, but its not going to happen and days are rolling along too quickly to keep waiting.

superbowl sunday:: cam was sickie sickie. we stayed on the bean bag all day long sleeping and watching movies. the superbowl was lame. beyonce was incredible. idol status.

monday:: i went to work while cam, so incredibly sick, went to school. he played hookie from work and we bowled with the family for rachel's 8th birthday. (pictures coming soon)

tuesday:: cam's body decided to be deathly sick so i went in for a half day and then played hookie and took care of him the the rest of the day and night. in all honesty i loved it.

wednesday:: i went to work. there was an accident on the trax so cam went to the doctor instead of school and they declared him as extremely sick. he still went into work that night, only to come home in the worst shape possible.

thursday:: he laid in bed sick while i sat at work having a melt down. i went home early and spent the rest of the night cuddled up to my little sickie watching a billion movies.

friday:: because of the magic cough syrup they gave him and the impressive zpack, he was feeling so much better! good enough to go out for date night to a movie and then staying up all night talking. oh and don't mind me just falling asleep while everyone is still sitting there talking. we saw the movie "warm bodies" super cheesy and funny. we thoroughly enjoyed it!

saturday:: he had to work all day so i spent the day at the boat show with the fam. pontoon is the word! he got off work and we went over to his companion's wedding. it was pretty and reminded me that i have no idea what i want at ours. then our plans of hanging out with everyone went to ruins when we both fell asleep around 9:30 pm. we are old fogies. he was feeling so much better though!

so sure there were a few fun events in the week, but we spent most of our time resting to get him better.

best part about the week... everyone telling me i was going to be sick, not caring and just staying by his side taking care of him and ..... not getting sick!!! go me! :)

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