Thursday, February 7, 2013

the FAD

yes, im doing what i always said i wouldn't do, which i seem to be doing a lot of lately -- im joining a fad.

skinny wraps ///

i know most of you have heard about them because everyone and their granny is doing parties as of late. i even had a friend invite me to hers and i shamefully brushed it off because it's a silly fad that i vowed not to join. then my sister invited me to go with her and i just reasoned, why not?? its not like im going to die, or join the fad. im simply just making an appearance and supporting the sis.

that turned into me actually putting one on. they first take before pictures, which is fine because im aware of my chubbiness, i've accepted it as existing. then got all wrapped up. then froze half to death while they talked to us about it. confession: i actually became interested the more they talked about it.

remember how i have these really odd stomach pains? yeah if the lady there hadn't completely described my pains and said she used to have them, i totally wouldn't have believed her. she showed us this powder to put in your drink and says her stomach pains are gone. sold.

after some contemplation, i couldn't see the hurt in giving this fad a chance and getting me some of those "greens" to take away the ninja attacks. so yes, i joined the fad. i lost 1/2 inch after 45 minutes yesterday and its supposed to keep working for 3-4 days each treatment. i will keep you all updated on my experience through this fad test and learn of mine and don't judge. fads are fun and make you feel like you're using the next best thing... right? just go along with it!

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