Friday, February 15, 2013

the best Valentines Day.... ever :)

so somewhere from someone you probably have already heard the news....


yes, it finally happened and i am on cloud nine... and will be there for a while! i've already told the story about a million times, and i don't mind it one bit, but i know i can't get to everyone so here's how it happened everyone! :)

a little background here: we have this spot at the top of traverse mountain that looks over the entire Salt Lake valley that we love to go up to and talk. it's beautiful! last Valentines Day, Cameron was still on his mission, so I decided to go up there and film a small video and let go a balloon to send my love to him!

first of all, i was positive that he was not going to propose on Valentines! even though it is my favorite holiday... i just knew it wasn't going to be that day! everyone else had me convinced too! i left work early and waited for him to come pick me up. he had told me to keep my key in my car and not to look outside until he came in to get me. i have been so good at listening to him and being completely oblivious to the world that of course i didn't think anything of it! he came inside with roses and gave me a kiss. i let him open his present first! i got him tickets to the Monster Jam tonight! I knew he had been wanting to go so I got us some really good tickets and its just another reason to go out for date night! :) he loved them! then we were off!

i had no idea where we were going until he turned up the road to head up to our spot. so of course i said in my head it's valentines day he just wants to go up and be cute and take pictures and then we will be on our way to dinner. we were getting close and he asked if i wanted to start my present? of course yes! he gave me a letter and i started reading it. he is just the cutest! at the bottom of the letter it says "now uncover the blanket and read the balloons" i was so confused haha then we get to our spot and someone is there so he drives up a little bit further and we find a perfect spot just like ours and he parks. he has me get out of the car and to the back door... that is locked haha he unlocks it and in the back is the balloons with a blanket over them. I take off the blanket and take out the balloons and they are flying everywhere and into my face! haha it was a little hard to read them! i would see a "me" then "will" then "sky?" then "you" and then i saw the "marry"!! I grabbed that balloon and looked at him and just kept asking if he was being serious!? He just stood there and smiled at me and stared ... for a while haha he kept asking if i really read it all and i said yes haha then he got down on one knee, in the snow, and he asked if i would marry him and of course i said yes!!! then i looked at the ring and oh my gosh it was gorgeous!!!!! oh my gosh!!! he did so good! keep in mind that i didn't go ring shopping with him at all! not once. he did amazing and it is huge! he had me switch my promise ring to the other hand and and put it on my finger. perfect fit! and of course im just crying! haha we took some pictures and let the balloons go... and they almost hit the house next to us haha :) it was perfect! just us!

then we got in the car and headed to salt lake for dinner... the surprises weren't over! i just kept staring at my hand! well how can you not with that beautiful thing?!? we parked and walked over to the temple and then past the temple... i knew where we were going now! we walked into the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and up to the top where we walked into the Roof restaurant. the waitress took us back to the library room where my whole family and his family were sitting there waiting for us!! oh my gosh! i was so surprised!!! he did REALLY good! we hugged everyone, told the whole story and ate such yummy food! i couldn't stop looking at the man i am going to spend eternity with! he is simply amazing!

the night was perfect and the best Valentines Night ever! a huge thank you to everyone... especially my sweet fiancee for making it such a special and wonderful night! it was truly amazing!! :) i am beyond happy and we are so excited!! :) May 16th is the day! i hope to see you all there! :)

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Mo said...

Finally! I'm so happy for you! :)