Saturday, February 16, 2013

Monster Truck Date

Last night me and Cam finished off our Valentines... week... with our fun date I gave him for Valentines Day. We went to the Pie to eat and the pizza was amazing! We both are becoming such small eaters, we could only eat two for him and one and a half for me! Then we headed up to the Energy Solutions Arena for the Monster Jam Truck Rally! He had been so excited all day long for this! by the way... flash seats do work and are pretty awesome! We got in and immediately he wanted a Grave Digger shirt. I got him one and me and put them on. We were set! Our seats were 15th row and really good! We had so much fun just being there together and doing something we both love! it was one of the funnest dates we've had! then the car ride home he was pretending like he was a monster truck haha! we turned the music up really loud and i made him sing with me :)

when we got home our shirst smelled like exhaust and we had another piece of our pizza :) Then we started planning our honeymoon!! yay! right now the plan is Hawaii, we just have to check with his Grandpa and our travel agent and then we can get it booked! I am beyond excited! it's either that or Florida with a Bahamas cruise! :) We are just happily engaged and in love :)

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