Thursday, January 10, 2013

we cooked biscuits.

Last night, as i sat on the floor with Cam staring at me, we contemplated what we wanted for dessert. You have to have dessert after dinner, it's just a must. I sat looking at him and a certain look came on his face. I know that look! He had an idea! Then in his high pitch voice... Scotts Cookies! Yep, thats what we wanted! We brought up his little cook book I made for him, found the Chocolate Chip cookie recipe and started baking. Everything was going great, except for the strangeness of the dough, until we opened up the oven to see this weird looking fat things that kind of look like cookies.... Something was off! We bit into the cookies and they flaked just like a biscuit!! They sure were odd. They weren't bad, but definitely not Scott's cookies. After much deliberation, I realized the mistake and found the right recipe! Good thing Tazz needed to make cookies for his class, so we got another bag of chocolate chips and made another batch, but this time the right ones!! We really are good cooks... we just need the right recipes!

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