Friday, January 11, 2013

date night highlights

It seems like lately, all we want to do is go on dates!! That sentence sounded like I dread it, but really it's the complete opposite! It's one of my most favorite things in the world! 

Last night he picked me up and we went to his house for Cabbage soup.... I've never had it before and was nervous, but it wasn't too bad. Not my favorite, but bearable haha. He then took me to Chick Fil A... because I didn't eat much soup and then headed into the movies to see Les Mis! I had already seen it but he wanted to watch it! 

My favorite parts of the movie:
  • Him stuffing popcorn in his face.
  • Him shoving the drink straw into my face.
  • Looking over at him falling asleep because he's so relaxed.
  • When he tries to secretly reach into my purse to get another cookie.
  • Him singing with the movie way too loud.
  • Him making fun of me crying.
  • When he randomly looks over and smiles and tells me I'm cute (he's the cute one!)
  • Him leaning over and asking if it is almost over because he needs to use the restroom... bad!
all so funny! but my favorite part of the night was even before we got into the movie.

We were getting popcorn and the cashier asked which drink we wanted while looking down at his screen. Cam turned to me and said, very loud, "Which one would you like Sweetheart?" The guy looked up with almost a shocked expression and then looked at me. If I could read minds his would have probably said either, " wow this guy is good" or "yep, he's whipped." Yes it was something so little, but he makes me feel like a princess all the time, everywhere we go! 

Tonight we are finishing up homework, starting up either a disney or Harry Potter marathon and trying out my new s'mores maker! Oh and we already have a big group date planned for Saturday! Dating is so much fun!! Marriage will be better... but for now, I am pretty dang happy!!

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