Tuesday, January 8, 2013

first day!

Yesterday was Cam's first day of school! So exciting!! He is starting up at the University of Utah! That amazing man is my hero! He is going to school and working two jobs! He is simply perfect! The first day went great! His professors are great and we actually did a little bit of homework last night.

My first day was on Saturday. I am only taking one class this semester but I am taking Spanish! I am so excited except for after my first class I was so lost! Thank goodness I have the best tutor who speaks fluently! I am so lucky!

So between his school and two jobs, and my school and full time job... we are doing so great and still are able to see each other everyday! It's so wonderful to have him by my side!

Last night we went with the family bowling for Kate and Dallin's birthdays! It was so much fun and I won! Foot massage for me :)

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