Monday, January 28, 2013

some nights i get funny.

tonight may be a night to put on record how funny i can be. oh how conceited that sentence sounded, but sometimes there are just conversations and things i do in a short time span that are silly and out of the ordinary.

  • the lumineers are singing to me through pandora, straight into my bones.
  • me:: wanna know a secret? him:: what's the secret?? me:: for the last hour i haven't been cleaning my room... i've been laying in my warm bed with the lights off :) haha him:: hahahahaha oh goodness!!! babe i love you!!!
  • him:: whats for dinner?? me:: i had salad and half a hot dog... i really want another one though!! why am i addicted to food?? and meat??? i'm a dang carnivore!!!! him:: yes you are love!!
  • me:: I swear the hot dog is calling my name hahaha no i musn't!! him:: hahaha babe beat the dog but eat it if you need it!!! me:: im against animal cruelty so i'll resist! him:: oh yeah you wont eat elk or dear then?? me:: well you told me to beat the dog.... thats pretty unethical... eating them is a different story!!!
  • its been three hours and i have yet to start cleaning my room.
  • im finding a smidget amount of motivation from slipping on my polka-dot rain boots. + not to mention the shirt-dress im wearing that makes it look like i am nakey underneath (i'm really not though)
  • this plethera of alternative tunes are tempting me to spend all my pennies on new albums.
  • i've violently flipped through more bridal mags than you could even dream about--what else is new??
  • my nose is filled with the aroma of pomagranet (or however you spell that), passion fruit and oils that are supposed to make you focus... it helped me focus on turning my light off and snuggling in bed... that counts right??
  • i've successfully tweeted 4 tweets within 20 minutes, and am contemplating just bursting up everyone's news feeds with my self proclaimed hilariousness.
i blame him-- he leaves me home all to myself at night to entertain this crazy mind of mine. but wanna know the secret behind all of these crazy things? they all mean that i am unbelievably happy :):):)

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