Monday, January 28, 2013

gone missing

holy it has been what seems like forever since I wrote on this here blog of mine! I apologize for my absence. there has been so much going on in my life right now! somethings i can say and some are to be mentioned at another time! i also apologize for leaving you hanging on my last post... its one of those "later" items.

a quick update in my favorite short fragment sentences: life is wonderful. i love shopping. meeting new friends is always the best. i ran today and felt amazing. cameron is incredible. we are crazy, its okay. he works all the time so i spend my days watching too much tv and blog stalking. i ripped all my eyelashes out. it happens, i should probably just deal with what i have. i started saving moneys... again. i felt like a princess last week. i am super happy!

i have so much more to tell, but that will be saved for a later post! be watching, you wont be disappointed, i promise! :)

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