Monday, November 5, 2012

its a long journey

today i mailed off my last letter. it was weird, but good.

i don't feel like this is real. i will see him next week, that is just strange to me. but im ready.

no im not at the weight i wanted to be at, my skin isn't perfect, my teeth aren't pure white and i still have a really bad habit of not cleaning my room.

you know... i don't really care anymore.

he loved me at 15 pounds heavier, my makeup covers enough, my teeth are straighter than before and tonight i will have my room completely clean. it will all be okay :)

one little tidbit about emails today.

the only thing i told cam about my surgery was that it is on wednesday and that im really nervous.

his response? somehow he knew specifically what i was scared of and told me that each of those specific things would work out and that i would be okay. how did he know? he knows me. i have never had to explain my thoughts, emotions, fears or loves to him. he has always just known and handles me in such a perfect way.

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