Saturday, November 10, 2012

first snow of the season!

yesterday it started snowing at 7:00 am and did not stop. it was intense and we definitely did not see one of those last year. the darkness and storminess of the weather described perfectly the day i was having. not the best one. until i got home from work.

i got to finally take a shower which felt so good! mom made spaghetti and marble cake which was amazing. i also wasn't in any pain and had motivation to get my assignment done. good events led to better events such as being able to sleep on my side... so actually being able to sleep at night!! something i needed terribly!

this morning has been just pure happiness! i woke up so comfortable and rested and the first thing that popped into my head? 4 days!!! :) then i was able to put a sports bra on! i finally felt like a woman again haha its weird i know. then i opened my blinds to find this as my view...

beautiful right? i may not be fully ready for the snow, but how can you not be taken away by this sight?! the snow makes me more excited for cameron to be home! we have never had a winter together and every winter in our letters we have talked about all the things we've wanted to do like him teaching me how to ski or snowboard, going snowmobiling, sitting by the fire all cuddled up and just being together through the holidays... i will get that this year! 

today is going to be a beautiful day :)

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