Tuesday, November 13, 2012

three, two, one

so it's been a while since I was on here but you all know what has been going on....


yeah i have been counting down daily, and now we are starting to count hours! my facebook, twitter, instagram and text messaging is blowing up! people i don't even know are commenting and saying how excited they are for me, my family is talking crazy talk about dressing up in ancient drill uniforms and throwing batons at the airport (except misty because she sucks at the facebook world), so many sweet messages from everyone about the example i have been, and so many text messages that just say AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! :) :) those are so great! :)

i woke up this morning basically bouncing off the walls and just going crazy! sitting at work is the last thing i want to do right now! there are way too many 30 second dance parties going on and i am basically uncontrollable! oh and unproductive.

i still am in shock that its tomorrow. the day i never thought would come is finally here and i couldn't be happier! it doesn't seem real and won't really seem real for a while. im okay with that. i need my little bit of fairytale.

small confession: i don't like to share haha :) but i am a good sharer anyways, therefor as much as I HATE IT.... i probably won't see him much the first two weeks because of family, but i just have to tell myself its okay because i have eternity with him.

medium confession: i just want to get married. i don't care when anymore. i just want to get married. to him. right now.

wanna know how I really feel? watch this.... its become my favorite!

you'll probably get another post out of me before the airport! 31 hours humans!

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Emilie said...

Awww, congrats!! I just got the first letter from my missionary (he's been out two and a half months, the mail was just really slow) so you and I are at opposite ends of the trail. I'm excited for you!!