Thursday, September 13, 2012

missions. weddings. and fatty foods

here are a few things i learned today:

ten hour work days are really long and even then you don't get everything done that you need to. overtime will be nice though.

there is this website that makes you click on colors and then tells you exactly how you are feeling and what you are thinking. its creepy, but intriguing. it was a health project and one hundred percent correct. it knew more about me than i did.

i am in love with my health class and my teacher is the bomb basically.

my best friend from BYU got her mission call tonight and she is going to the Oakland Temple visitor's center in California and I am so excited for her!! she leaves on January 23rd!

basically everyone decided to get engaged. its fine. i just hate them all.

i have been dying for a letter from him this week. tomorrow is the day! gosh i miss him so much. i have wondered if i am going to suffer from a separation disorder when he gets home.

if i don't get motivated fast, i am going to be fat when he gets home and the spring time when i lost all that weight member that? yeah that will be for a waste. someone please invite me on a gym date! i need help!

i think thats all. good night :)


Beka said...

i wish you still went to BYU because i would love to be your gym buddy!

.just sky. said...

I would love that!! gosh dang it! Are you still running?