Friday, September 14, 2012

Running out time, litteraly

I have 60 days.

60 days to work the hardest I ever have and the best I've ever been! Physically and Spiritually. These days are just flying by and if i don't start now... im going to be fat when he gets home haha

so here we go! call me crazy but here's the plan:

  • No sugar until Halloween (yes i realize it is candy corn season and i will be drooling over the candy pumpkins but i can do it!! oh and side note, my birthday is an exception because you can't have a birthday without pumpkin pie!)
  • I am starting out my 60 days with a 3 day cleanse. i am going to stick to it this time! my body is in desperate need of one right now!
  • Next week i am going on a schedule that gets me back to running! cardio cardio cardio!
  • i will lift a few weights, no matter how weak my muscles are, they'll get bigger.
  • healthy food! amen.
  • finish the Book of Mormon
  • always say my prayers
  • stay involved in my ward
  • be happy
sounds crazy right? but in 60 days, when he picks me up in his arms and lifts me up and i am weightless... that's when this will all be worth it! Physically weightless and Spiritually full!

starting weight: 145
goal weight: 134

ready. setty. go!

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