Wednesday, September 12, 2012

i must be dreaming...

so here is the dream i have been dying to tell you all about... but more excited for it to be true!

so it starts with me and his parents driving to the airport! yep its that time. we are standing and waiting for him to come out of the terminal and we see all of these missionaries come out but he isn't one of them. so then we just keep waiting and of course he is the last one out! Ahhhh!! then i see him there clear as day and he is just gahhh amazing!!!!! so he hugs all of his family and i am standing behind them all just waiting for the family to all say hi. then he is standing there talking with his family and he sees me and his eyes go huge and he like parts the red sea and picks me up and gives me the biggest hug and we tell each other we love each other and can't stop smiling and then i wake up....

OH MY GOSH!!!!! it happened in my dream just like i have imagined it happening in real life! him coming out of the terminal, me standing behind all of his family and being hugged after everyone else and then just being so happy in his arms!! in two months and two days... that dream is going to come true and it will be one of the best days of my life!  :) :)

oh and i am guessing you want to know the "big news" well... im not pregnant thats for sure! haha :) but instead of getting my braces off on November 12th.... Drum roll please.... They are coming off October 25th!!!! Cameron's birthday :) happy birthday to us :)

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Emilie said...

Those are THE best dreams:)