Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hunt Family Reunion

lets just say that the hunt family is so great! i love them to death. i was able to go to their family reunion this weekend as cameron's stand in. i went to the last reunion and lets be honest, i was scared out of my mind! i could not remember everyone's names for the life of me and we really just kept to ourselves most of the time. with cam not there, i really had to just be me and get to know everyone. i was extremely shy and nervous at first, but then i remembered how chill and loving their family is. i ended up having the best time with them.

i really got to know ryan and megan the most down there. i have grown such a respect for ryan and we were able to talk alot and he was so nice to me. i already consider all of them family. they may swear and drink and get crazy... but i laughed non stop and am so grateful for the loving people they are! 

noelle was nice enough to take me on a little adventure up to our camping spot two years ago and we found my tree! you see, two years ago at the hunt reunion, he was being a little but head and just kept pouting so i stopped talking to him for a bit haha. he finally realized he was being dumb so he grabbed my hand and took me down in the forest and told me to sit there and not talk. haha. he carved our names in the tree and i loved it! we found the tree and i added a few little things to it. it is so weird to see that and think it was two years ago we had been there in that very spot! not to mention how much we have changed... but our love has just grown and grown with time! 

it was such an amazing weekend that i didn't have service, was in the beautiful mountains and around all of the people that remind me of Cam :)

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