Sunday, April 22, 2012


yesterday was simply beautiful. my run was filled with the warm sun, clean cut grass and the smell of lilacs. it could not have been any more perfect.

the day started out with a run that about killed me. i am crazy to think i can run 13.1 miles in 10 weeks, but i will still work hard and try my best. its hard getting back into shape, but i will do it. im not giving up, i just get a little discouraged sometimes is all.

then i washed my car and headed over to little matt's soccer game. he is a good little player! i may have gotten a bit sunburned in the mean time.

the rest of the day was spent getting new workout clothes and helping Kayt and Jesse move Jesse out of his apartment. those two are way too cute. triple wedding next year i tell ya!

speaking of weddings, this beautiful day made me really consider moving my wedding back to april. i just have always wanted a spring wedding. how about we talk with cam about that when he gets back to real life, i may be able to convince him then. what can i say? he's excited, its cute :)

i really miss my best friend. we are now getting back to summer memories, which always make me miss him just a little bit more. today will be a perfect day to layout and write him a huge letter, he will enjoy that :) i sure love that man.

happy sunday everyone! go out and enjoy the beautiful weather!

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