Friday, March 23, 2012

where have i been?

I apologize for my absence and lack of acknowledgement for this dear blog.

ready for an update?!

lets start with st. george. love the place dearly, especially laying out in the wonderful warm sun and getting a small neon tan (the red color on my skin). we may have eaten our little hearts out but its all good. no worries there. it was nice to just get away and be with kayt and the family. did i mention that i love to terrorize my brother so i wrote all over my car for him? he loves me :)

i know you are all wondering about the diet that you probably all expect that i have given up on, based upon my track record. boooya mother crackers! this girl right here has lost 9 pounds and im still going! didn't see that one coming right? well then wait till the next paragraph...

i freaking am registered for a half marathon. possibly the worst decision of my life. i may die, don't worry i will include you all in my will. but time to start training so you will get to hear all about that for the next few months. go me!

i am still definitely in love with my sweetheart and he is the best thing in my life. he is just perfect and i couldn't ask for anything more. 233 more days say what???

i went to my ward winter conference that was a success and i am actually falling in love with my singles ward. never knew i could, but they are all so great :)

my life may be dramatic, but oh well.... just gotta keep going and looking up and take whatever comes your way. :) just smile and keep walking forward. no need to be stuck in the past, then you are going nowhere.

work is work... thats all haha

well thats all i can think of. :) i promise i will post more! see ya!

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