Thursday, March 29, 2012

training sucks.

because i am indefinitely out of shape, i started training a week early.

kill me now.
those thoughts in my head, the little minions working up there that keep telling me that i can't run, keep getting louder and louder.

my body hates me. and i just want to eat the world due to the amount of exercise i do actually complete.

but on the bright side
i have lost another pound this week that was unexpected,
i am running
and im still eating good.

i may not know everything there is to know about running, but at least i am doing it right? tips needed.

you know what sucks though? when you give yourself a rest day and so you can actually sleep in, then those minions upstairs don't get the memo and i am wide awake at 5 am. i should have just got up and worked out because i couldn't go back to sleep. dang you.

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