Sunday, February 26, 2012

lessons that you learn in life

it's not that i don't enjoy blogging anymore, because i could never stop loving it, but i have had way too much on my mind the past few weeks to both gather my thoughts and refrain from saying things i may regret. lets be honest, i was not a happy sky the past almost two months and its been very difficult. but the lord definitely works in mysterious ways and this time he had to bring me at an all time low to really learn some life changing lessons. i learned a lot today.

i know that he sent me to my family for a reason, because he knew what i would be facing in this stage of my life. he gave me them for examples and guidance throughout the hardest, yet best years of my life. and the one saving angel he gave me, my mommy. she is undeniably incredible. she sees the bigger pictures when i know i don't at all. she loves me although i make mistakes and she is there with such a pure love. no other woman could have taught me better than her, because she gets it. she knows the realities of life and she is so close to our heavenly father that she knows what will help us best enjoy life and get back to live with him. today i was able to talk with her and figure out what really makes me happy in life and how i am going to really have the best life. she is amazing.

god loves us. he always has and always will no matter how hard we try to push him away or simply ignore him for a while, he welcomes us back with open arms. its hard to think that there were times when i forgot he was even there. but i know he understands and will bring us down, so that he can lift us higher. he loves us with an infinite love. and i love him.

i saw this quote today that summed my entire morning up. "challenges are events in life, not life itself." i used to think that way. but after much conversation with my amazing mom and the dad upstairs, life is good and is going to get so much better :)

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